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What is a Digital Edition and how does it work?

If you choose to receive your order as a Digital Edition, Manzo Music will email your sheet music to you, attached as a PDF file. The attached PDF file(s) will have a Limited Copy License printed on the first page of the score and/or part so you can legally duplicate the number of copies you've ordered. Digital Editions are 50% off the listed retail price. The Limited Copy License permits you to print (or digitally distribute) the quantity of scores you've ordered and no more. Any further duplication, printing, or forwarding to anyone, uploading, or any other dissemination of the copyrighted file is prohibited. Removing or altering the license is illegal.

A typical Digital License reads as follows:
Manzo Music Digital Edition licensed on [DATE] for duplication of [QUANTITY] copies for use by [ORDERING PARTY]. Further dissemination of this copyrighted work is illegal.


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